About HFC
KEYMORE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. was established in 2004, specializing in manufacturing AIR SOFT GUNS for almost 30 years.

We are one of the best manufacturers in Taiwan and have excellent reputation from our customers.

Beginning as a toy shop, which was focusing on Magic Cube, Diabolo, Yoyo, Blocks and other related toys, today we have grown into a leading manufacturer concentrates on research, innovation, and quality-upgrading of airsoft toy guns. Spring powered gun, gas gun, electrical gun and Co2 guns are well-developed and developing items.

We firmly believe that "offering high quality and valued product to customers" is the foundation what a business depends on. To accomplish the goal, we consecutively update ourselves in variety ways. In 2007, a professional consultant team is hired for further enhancing our achievement.

We are strictly reconstructed this year. For RD (Research and Development) department, besides sourcing update information from magazine / website and concentrates on new items developing, maintaining the mechanism of developed products is also concerned. Also an ID (Industrial Design) department is set up for brand new products to create the market and meet customized requirement.

For QA (Quality Assurance) department is invested many functional equipments to seriously ensure the quality standard. Moreover, punctual delivery is considered by fasten on production chains. The Sales Department plays the role as customer's communication bridge. As a customer-oriented age, to listen the voice from customers is the most significant to help us to upgrade our products and service.